Academic Record
Quick list of your courses and grades.
Degree Audit
Use this planning tool to run a degree audit with your current major or different majors to see the degree requirements and where you stand in completing the major.
View the education records that are on file for you at CF.  This includes the school name, degree earned, major, GPA and Graduation Date.  It also shows whether CF has received your official academic transcript.
GPA Projection
Use this tool to calculate a projected Grade Point Average (GPA) using possible grades for your classes.
View your grade report for the specified semester.
Check to see if there are any active holds on your records. Holds can prevent you from registering for CF classes or requesting an official transcript from CF.
Official Transcript Request
Order official CF credit transcripts.
To check the status of a previous request, click
here .
Placement Exams
View the placement exam records that are on file for you at CF.
Unofficial Transcript
The unofficial transcript shows your courses, grades, hours and GPA.